Investment Opportunity
Collins development plan consists of two independently formed components as two different LLC. (Limited Liability Company) The activities of these two entities are set to complete in two phases.

Phase I
In this phase, we are focused on developing our new product lines, our relationship with our European counterparts as well as select retailers. The launch of our E-Commerce has taken priority and precedes the opening of the first Collins store. Our concept for Collins store development is designed to encourage investment opportunity as well as store ownership for the store manager in particular location(s).

Marketing Plan Overview:

Currently operating out of our factory show room in Medina Texas, we have developed a full range of updated contemporary handbags both in leather as well as exotic skins. Our other brand products ranging from wallets, travel items, gloves and jewelry are beginning to come together for a greater representation. Having completed this stage, we are now prepared to establish our market presence in one or two possible locations, Dallas and Atlanta .

Phase II
We will be directing our energy to updating the Original Collins of Texas manufacturing facilities located in the town of Medina, Texas. Our 10,000 sq ft plant, where our domestic products are being produced, is fully equipped and operational. It is our intention to expand our domestic product lines to a broader range to include additional handbags and travel accessories that would complement our European made product line.

Career and investment opportunities for certain position are available at the manufacturing company
For more information on investment opportunities, please, contact Sia Parstabar,