About Us

Collins of Texas is privately owned by the Parstabar family.

In 1992, while working at Harry Winston Golbarg Parstabar (Goli) acquired this dormant beauty with the idea that once she leaves Harry Winston, she can devote herself to reorganizing and updating the company to match and exceed its glorious past. With a little detour from Harry Winston in Beverly Hills, were she started her career in 1986, Goli was assigned to develop Harry Winston’s business in Japan and the Asian Region including Hong Kong and Taiwan. She went on to opening new markets in the Western United States and Hawaii and oversaw the development of Harry Winston retail in California and Dallas, Texas.

Early in 2012, Goli finally made the move to take charge of her beloved project in order to put The Original Collins Of Texas back on track. The first attempt included making alliances with the fine leather capital of the world, Italy, to bring both style and technique injections to Collins products and to rise to the contemporary level of today’s market and standards.

The current product line is the result of her tasteful endeavor. While new products are under development, efforts continue to be made to re-establish the Original Collins of Texas manufacturing facilities to develop domestic product lines ranging from contemporary handbags to updated styles of Collins Vintage and Jewel Bags. Currently, the Collins Classics continue to be made in the birth place of Collins of Texas in limited production or limited edition.

Standing on an iconic past Collins of Texas endeavors to provide practical, casual as well as formal fashion and lifestyle solutions by creating and offering varied product lines. Through innovation, quality, excellent customer service and a genuine message, Collins wishes to inspire new generations of American Fashionable to incorporate the Collins brand into their daily lives and special occasions. With a forward looking attitude, in touch with customers needs and taste, Collins will renovate itself while preserving the essence of the brand’s enduring identity, charm and magic.

During the fifties, sixties and through the seventies Collins of Texas with a unique and glamorous background, left warm memories for generations of customers as well as collectors who continue to add to their Collins treasures. We are inspired and moved by the passion of Collins fans to revitalize our historical values and creative assets into new lines of products for today’s market. Our philosophy to bring back Collins into the life style of American consumers is not based on joining the race and competition of today's trendy fashion world. Rather, we intend to rebuild our brand by re-establishing its unique and authentic identity that has penetrated the hearts of generations of customers and admirers.


Honesty and dependability are basic requirements for trust. We believe in this principle as a foundation to promote fairness for our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and investors. It is not a relationship unless the interest and prosperity of all groups are considered for the long run.

Customers’ Experience
We believe in dedicating our efforts to maintaining consistency in customers’ expectations and experience. We strive to earn our customers‘ trust and recognition of Collins as a brand that continues to improve itself. Our customers’ input will be mirrored in our products and our message.

Standards & Service
Collins is dedicated to developing and maintaining a zero-tolerance approach for defects and deficiency.

Our Identity, Our Trademark
Our identity has to be recognized and trusted not only by the colors that our products bring into the market place but by our values and principles and by our unique contribution to produce optimal solutions.